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少妇14p少妇14p,正在播放 失禁漏尿的少女正在播放 失禁漏尿的少女

少妇14p少妇14p,正在播放 失禁漏尿的少女正在播放 失禁漏尿的少女


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Brand | Product
Scope | Results
少妇14p少妇14p,正在播放 失禁漏尿的少女正在播放 失禁漏尿的少女
Homasote Company
Homasote 440
Homasote 440
HPD v2.1.1
Health Product Declaration


The HPD Open Standard provides a consistent, and transparent format to accurately disclose the material contents and associated hazard classifications for a building product.


HPD Open Standard Version followed to create the HPD: v1.0, 2.0, 2.1, 2.1.1, 2.2


HPDs are self-declared, verification is optional.

Indicates HPD has been 3rd party verified.


HPD 3rd party verifiers: GreenCircle, SCS, Vertima, WAP Sustainability


Threshold concentration above which substances in the material are itemized by the manufacturer:

  • 100 ppm
  • 1000 ppm
  • MSDS
  • Other

Degree of disclosure of data for all substances in the product’s content inventory:

CCharacterized: % weight & role provided

SScreened: Screened using Priority Hazard Lists w/ results disclosed

IIdentified: Disclosed by name and identifier


Highest concern GreenScreen Benchmark (BM) or List Translator (LT) Score of all substances:

BM1Avoid – chemical of high concern

LT-1Likely Benchmark 1

LT-P1Possible Benchmark 1少妇14p少妇14p,正在播放 失禁漏尿的少女正在播放 失禁漏尿的少女

LT-UNKBenchmark unknown

UNKUnknown, chemical not identified on lists

BM-UUnspecified, insufficient data to benchmark

BM2Use but search for safer substitutes

BM3Use but still opportunity for improvement

少妇14p少妇14p,正在播放 失禁漏尿的少女正在播放 失禁漏尿的少女BM4Prefer – safer chemical


Visit the HPD Collaborative website to learn more.

A portion of the catalog proceeds goes to the National Park Foundation

Note: Expired disclosures can be used in a submittal package if the product was purchased during the validity period.
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